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Welcome to Sri Vidyamanya Vidya Kendra

SSVVK is a school rich in a tradition of quality and Values. SSVVK has consistently met and exceeded the educational needs of a diverse student populace. Our greatest assets are our students and educators whose commitment and dedication to the school is evident daily in the value they together add to this rich heritage.
Gaining knowledge, is first step to Wisdom and sharing it is first step to humanity.


School brings in joy, creativity, collaboration and personal integrity, in a blend that fosters achievement for all students and staff.


To equip our teachers to develop our students into disciplined, caring, creative, intellectual individuals by providing appropriate guidance and support to meet the challenges of the society and to be responsible citizens through value based collaborative activity oriented curriculum.


The Mission of Sri Vidyamanya Vidya Kendra School Bangalore is to develop the students of the school not just in size, not even in knowledge but in

• Courage
• Self Discipline
• Good manners
• Smart Appearance
• Punctuality
• Honest
• Confidence
• Cleanliness
• Pride for your Alma Mater
• Active Participation in school activities
• Dignity of labour
• Espirit De Corps
• Competence
• Patience
• Resilience
• Tolerance and
• Independence

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