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a) Withdrawal by Parent:
Application for T.C. must be given 15 days in advance on the prescribed form which is available in the School Office. Request for T.C. with a notice of 2 or 3 days will not be entertained.

b) Withdrawal for Poor Academic Performance:
One failure for an academic session may be condoned by permitting the student to repeat the class in which he/she fails. Students who repeat the class for a second time will not be granted admission to the School.

c) Withdrawal on Disciplinary Grounds:
The Principal may, in the interest of the School, order the withdrawal of a student from the school, should that student's conduct, behaviour or influence, in the opinion of the Principal, be detrimental to the general discipline/interest of the School.

d) Refund of Security Deposit will be made by ACCOUNT PAYEE CHEQUE ONLY. The validity of the cheque will be for six months only. No claim thereafter will be entertained.

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